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We are driven to provide customers with the most advanced lubricants at the best value, all supported by unmatched customer service. It’s why distributors around the globe trust us to deliver the lubricants they depend on every day.

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As with most engine-powered equipment, air compressor motors require lubrication to keep them operating efficiently and minimize the impact of wear and tear, as well as to cool and seal internal engine components. Proper lubrication can also reduce your energy costs. By reducing friction, lubricants reduce heat and lower the compressor’s energy consumption.

Over the course of more than 20 years, Air Lubricants has built an indisputable reputation for expertise in supplying air compressor lubricants and an in-depth knowledge of the applications that you will encounter every day. Our understanding of the lubrication requirements of these systems combined with our proprietary blending techniques allow us to manufacture lubricants of the highest quality. It’s how we can deliver on your expectations and provide the best lubrication products possible.

We Have Oil Cleanup As Well!

We have several varieties and choices when it comes to desiccants. Make sure you have the ability to properly cleanup your job site and properly dispose of hazardous waste in a safe and smart efficient way. 

Test Your Compressor Oil

We offer free oil analysis for you to get information on what is protecting your investments. Follow the link to learn more on how you can get your compressor lubrication inspected.